DNT and RFA Team Russo

DNT and RFA Team Russo

Welcome to our team blog for Team Russo. Our blog will give you all the details on what is required to join our team and how we are building a downline in Daily Net Traffic first in order to help others earn enough money to join our team in Revenue from Advertising.

So basically what we've done is created a team with over 600 members who are committed to setting up 2 NEW accounts per month in Daily Net Traffic. 

This is possible because as a member of Daily Net Traffic you are allowed to set up as many accounts as you like. 

Our team leader is Ken Russo so everybody joins through his DNT link to create massive spillover and then twice a month everybody re-joins through his link to create spillover which generates income for people in our downline. 

Here is an excerpt from an email Ken send out;

April 27, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

Awesome Growth Of The DNT Team MatrixSince we announced the beginning of the twice monthly DNT 
subscription plan last night at 9 PM EST our DNT team matrix 
has increased from 645 positions to 979 with more members 
joining as we speak. Great work everyone!

As you can see from that email our team is dedicated to helping each other. 

I personally made $80 on 4/27 which was the first day of the subscription plan!!!

Here is our Team link: http://www.dailynettraffic.com/?krusso1

In Order To Move Forward And For Members To Earn Cash, We Need New Members To Join and Create New Accounts So There Will A Cash Flow That We Can Profit From!

How everyone can progress much faster by combining our efforts in the DailyNetTraffic (DNT) low cost to start feeder program to start earning here and from out of profits progress into the main advertising opportunity RevenueFromAdvertising (RFA). This information is for (K1) Ken's Team Build but ANYONE can join and follow this system which will allow you to earn faster cash.

Everyone must understand this (K1) system if they wish to move forward with one or both of the Daily Net Traffic (DNT) and Revenue From Advertising (RFA) opportunities.

First and most importantly, I'm sure everyone understands that any business needs a constant flow of new funds in order to remain viable and neither DNT nor RFA are exceptions to this basic tenet. Here is the information that presents the method by which this can be accomplished via a Low Cost Bi-Weekly Subscription Module that will be attached to the DNT feeder program. 

This simply means that all members who wish to continue with Daily Net Traffic (DNT) will be required to Create a New Account 2 Times Each Month in DNT. The cost to do this will be $15 each time. The first account will be established the first half of each month and the second account will be established during the second half of each month.

Assurance Against Loss

IMPORTANT - Members who choose not to participate in the subscription will remain in the DNT team matrix until they have received payments equal to the amount of funds they have already sent. Once they have received these funds they will be removed from the team matrix. 

Example - A member has sent payments for DNT Traffic Packs 1 thru 3 at a cost of $2, $3 and $10. They have sent a total of $15 to fellow members. If they have not received any payments and they decide not to move forward with the Bi-Weekly subscription plan, as soon as they receive $15 they will have recovered their funds and they will be removed from the team matrix. This way no one will lose any money via their participation in the DNT program. The same holds true for the main program, Revenue From Advertising. More importantly, only the members who understand the need for a constant flow of new funds will remain in the team matrix.

What We Can Accomplish Via The Bi-Weekly Subscription Plan

There are currently 684 positions listed in our DNT team matrix. If 80% of our members decide to move forward with the 3 level ($2, $3 and $10) subscription plan this will generate about $16400 to our members each month and the receipt of these funds by our members will offset the cost of their monthly payments. Meanwhile, each position in the team matrices will be progressing toward the higher payout levels. 

Are you beginning to understand how this plan will dramatically increase the rate by which everyone will progress through the DNT feeder levels and into the main program?

More importantly, while this is taking place, our members will be receiving funds which will offset the cost of their monthly payments.

How The Bi-Weekly Subscription Plan Will Work

Two times each month you will receive a (K1) Team Build Subscription Notice, then you come back here and below a "Subscription" button will appear. When you click on button it will automatically take you to the (K1) Team Build link. You will then create a new account with a new username and a unique email address. 

How To Establish Each New DNT or RFA Account

All that is needed is a different username and a different email address.

With regard to usernames we are suggesting that everyone use their first initial and their last name followed by the number 1 for their first position.

For example - jsmith1

When it is time to re-enter you will simply add the next number to your username name. For example jsmith2 and jsmith3 and so on for all new accounts. 

With regard to email addresses we are suggesting that everyone use a gmail address. Once you have a gmail address it is very easy to create a different address simply by adding one or more dots to their existing gmail address.
For example - if jsmith@gmail.com is the address used for the first position, many variations are possible such as:

j.smith@gmail.com - js.mith@gmail.com - jsm.ith@gmail.com 
jsmi.th@gmail.com - jsmit.h@gmail.com - jsmith.@gmail.com 
j.s.mith@gamil.com - j.sm.ith@gmail.com - j.smi.th@gmail.com - 
j.smit.h@gmail.com - j.smith.@gmail.com - j.s.m.ith@gmail.com -
j.sm.i.th@gmail.com - j.sm.it.h@gmail.com - j.sm.i.th.@gmail.com

Once you set up your new email address, test it by altering your own gmail address and sending a test message to yourself.

Watch this video on how to set up multiple email addresses.

Payment Processors:

Payment Methods

We have advised our members to have as many payment methods as possible listed in their RAF and DNT back office. The most frequently used payment methods are as follows.....


Everyone should have a Bitcoin Wallet because the transfer fees are
fractional when compared to most of the other payment processors.

To set up a Bitcoin account otherwise known as a Bitcoin Wallet.....

Go here >>>>>>> https://www.blockchain.com/

Helpful videos



Even if you do not intend to use STP to send funds you should still
have an account to receive funds.

To set up a STPay account go here >>> https://solidtrustpay.com/

Select PERSONAL Account

Complete the form making sure to write down your username, login password, secondary password and secret question and answer during the process.


Even if you do not intend to use Payza to send funds you should still have an account to receive funds.

To set up a Payza account go here >>>  https://www.payza.com/


Select "Personal"

Follow the instructions and write down your password, transaction PIN and your password recovery question. 

I also recommend that our members who reside in the USA set up a Bluebird account. To do this go to https://secure.bluebird.com/ and follow the simple instructions.

I cannot stress enough the importance of having as many send and
receive options as possible. Using my account as an example I have the following receive options listed.....


*I do not recommend the use of Paypal. It should be used only if there are no other options. When using Paypal to send it is important to select "Pay for goods or services". DO NOT use "Send to friends and family" and do write anything in the note section. Instead, send a message to the recipient as discussed above.

How to Join Daily Net Traffic for FREE

A real easy way to join Daily Net Traffic for free is to set up a RushCard or NetSpend debit card because they give you money when you set up a new card.


When you set up a RushCard they will give you $30 just for activating your card. Once you get your card in the mail you have to load it with at least $5.00 and they'll put $30 on your card. 

You can then refer other people to get a card and they will give you $30 for each referral up to 20 people!

I did this and have received $60 in referral fees already. 

Here is a link to get your FREE RushCard.

Watch this video to learn how to sign up for a FREE RushCard. 


When you set up a NetSpend and activate they will give you $20 and $20 for every referral that activates a card. But you have to load $40 onto your new card in order to receive the $20. However you can have an unlimited number of referrals in NetSpend. 

Here is a link to get your FREE NetSpend card.

Watch this video to learn how to activate your NetSpend card. 

I have personally received my $20 for activating my card and I have 2 new pending cards right now. So I'll be receiving another $40 as soon as those cards are activated. 


When you join our team and get one or both of these cards through the links on this blog we will put your RushCard or NetSpend card referral links onto a video that we already have ranked in YouTube in order to help you get referral fees! 

In order to do this all you have to do is email me your DNT link and debit card referral links. Once I verify that you're on our team I'll place your referral links onto the video description that is on one of  the videos I've got on my YouTube channel.